In a traditional tabletop roleplaying game (such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, etc.), the Game Master (GM) is essentially the person who takes it upon themselves to embody the game itself and all the game's rules for the other players.

GMs can be thought of in modern video game terms as "the computer." They are every monster, every foe, every ally. They are every dungeon, every city, every windswept heath. The GM presents the base narrative, throwing problems, quests, intrigue and twists at the players as they adventure their way through the world of the game.

But TRPGs and GMs are distinct from video games in that they are not limited by a strict code of conduct and unbreakable rules. The very best GMs do not force their players down any one path, but instead lay many possible paths at the feet of their party, and allow the narrative to form as a group decision. These GMs are not the foe of their players, out to destroy every beloved, hand-crafted character their friends embody, but instead a conduit for their players fantastical crusades. They are not unyielding dictators of the Rules as Written, but arbiters of fair play and fun. They are storytellers first, and every single thing else second.

This can be a challenging and daunting thing for a lot of people. Many TRPG campaigns that would begin never do, simply out of lack of someone with the time, resources and/or confidence to step up and be their group's GM.


I'm an experienced game master with several years of hard-fought campaigns lead from behind my screen. I write my own adventures, I conceive my own worlds and dogmas, I draw my own maps, and I even do custom voices for every character. 

Oh, do I ever do voices. 

These services can be made available to you and your group! If you find yourself in a situation where you're a rut story-wise, have players you don't know how to handle, need some vocal coaching, have a doodled map you'd like to give a full cartographic treatment, or even need someone to GM your group FOR you...I'm your guy!